Hosted accommodation through the American Homestay Network is designed to promote a deep, personal cultural exchange between our host families and the international students who become their guests.

Whether students come for a few weeks or several years, the benefits of our homestays lay the foundation for a rich and successful lifetime experience for both the student and host.

Who we are

AHN-USA was founded to introduce the best practices, technology and standards established by the Australian Homestay Network in 2007.

Using a localized version of the successful Australian model has enabled us to deliver a safe, high-quality hosted accommodation experience to almost 5,000 international students studying across the USA.

Benefits of Homestay with AHN-USA

  • Real American experience with a welcoming host family
  • Daily English practise and cultural immersion
  • Value for money (range of packages including meal options)
  • Furniture, utilities and WiFi included
  • Host vetting and training
  • Homestay insurance
  • 24/7 support

Get in Touch

Students, hosts, education providers and agents are invited to contact us to learn more about our hosted accommodation.